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Model A Ford Tyre Fitting DVD

DVD - Fitting a tyre on your Model A Ford

DVD - Fitting a tyre on your Model A Ford

Here is the process for remounting a tire and installing a new innertube on Your Model A! 29-minute video program:
Many modern tire stores are not equipped to mount tires on Model A Ford wheels. The equipment is no longer available. And some stores that still have the equipment may find it difficult to prevent scratching or nicking wheel paint in the process. That leaves the Model A owner to his own devices for changing a tire. Since many people have never done this rather simple task, we show you how to remove the old tire, inspect the wheel and prepare it for mounting a new tire.

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Installing an innertube can be a tricky business. We show you a trick that will make it easier and less likely that you will pinch the tube and create a problem that can result in another flat tire. And, we will point out the correct alignment of the tire and innertube stem so your wheels and tires will meet MAFCA judging standards.
Finally, we show you how to remove an innertube from the tire while the wheel remains on the car. This will be helpful if you ever find yourself with a flat tire and need to replace the tube while you are on the road.

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