TV’s Car SOS feature our Model A Sedan

Yes, the new series of Car SOS starts this Thursday 14th Feb 2019.

One of the episodes in series 7 features the team rebuilding a Model A Ford.

Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townsend gave me a call, asking if I would give the car a look over, as they are not usually working on something quite as old as a Model A.

In the end, we supplied a shed load of parts for the build, which came together in an amazingly short timescale.

When the programme producer asked me if they could feature our 1930 Model A Sedan in the opening sequence, we gladly agreed.

The programme Director and film cameraman came over for the day. After a few hours spent shooting a ton of still footage, they tucked themselves neatly into the nearby hedges with their TV cameras, while I repeatedly drove up and down a local country road.

It was a great experience and I really appreciated my company being invited to help in the project.

Car SOS series 7 is first shown on the National Geographic channel, before hitting Channel 4 later in the year.

The Car SOS crew, filming our Model A Sedan.

Our new premises

Yes, we have finally moved into our new premises in Coalville Leicestershire.


To give our showroom some razamataz, we laid a cool Racedeck floor, which was quite straight forward to lay and gives a fabulous glossy finish.


Anyone who has visited our Ashby store would have seen that we used period colours, to give a 1930’s theme.  Well, we did our best to recreate the same feel, but on a bigger scale.


Our 1929 Model A Phaeton fits in the showroom nicely.  I thought we were running out of room at one point, as the counter was gradually moving further and further down the shop to make room for all of the parts shelves, but in the end, it fitted with plenty to spare.


As we sell the full range of Ford factory prints, I wanted to have a picture gallery in the showroom, so we allocated the wall next to the phaeton for this. Believe it or not, we had to have every frame custom made, because you cannot buy ready made frames over here, in inches.  Yes, the metric world even throws us when we want to frame our USA prints.


Well, I hope you like the look of our new home.  We have worked hard for the last four months getting it how we want it.  I can now start to get my office in order,  If anyone wants to pay us a visit, you are very welcome, just give us a call first, to make sure that I am in.  Here are a few more pictures for you and feel free to give me your comments.  Not too harsh please. You can email me on  All the best, Dave…







We are on the move!

IMG_1140-llYes, on Sunday 22nd December, we start to move all of our store to our new premises a few miles up the road, in Coalville, Leicestershire.

We really enjoyed having our homely vintage Ford shop in the centre of the market town of Ashby de-la Zouch, but we simply need more room.

Before we leave, we thought it a good idea to take some photos of our store, so here they are.


IMG_1126-ll IMG_1119-ll

IMG_1107-ll IMG_1145-ll

 IMG_1095-ll IMG_1110-ll IMG_1100-ll

We are going to try and recreate the same 1930’s theme in our new premises and also add a Model A into the showroom.  We will post pictures as soon as we are sorted out.


A stranger in our store!


A stranger appeared on our counter the other day.  Yes a huge Boyds Christmas Teddy Bear.

OK, the culprit was Angela, who brought him in from next door, where our sister company “Ashby Bears” lives. 

She said that we had to get some Christmas cheer at the parts counter and before you ask, he is not for sale.  He is part of our annual Christmas display at Ashby Bears.

See them all at


NEC a big success


Boy, the NEC show was massive this year.  Bob and myself were completely worn out, checking out everything there was to look at.  The Model A Club of GB did not have a huge stand this year, but I was pleased to have our 29 Phaeton on the stand. 

(Picture features Bob Collett’s 30 coupe on the left and our 29 phaeton in the centre).

New Headlamp Reflectors


We have just had our first delivery of the newly re-tooled headlamp reflectors for the Model A Ford.  This has been a two year programme of development by one of the major USA Model A parts suppliers.


With the forthcoming return drive from the NEC in mind, we are going to fit some the our 29 phaeton.  The dark autumn night should be a good test for our feeble 6v headlamps, so I will let you know how we get on.

NEC Classic car show this weekend

 See  our 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton


This weekend sees the annual classic car show at the NEC.  Last year saw one of the biggest shows ever, so expect the same this year.
We have been asked by the Model A Ford Club GB, to exibit our 1929 model A Phaeton on the MAFCGB stand, which we are honoured to oblige, although the weather is not looking too promising for the drive down there.  Oh well, it looks like we will be bringing the buckets and sponges, together with plenty of polishing materials.


Gibbs Brand Lubricant back in stock!

One our most popular products. 

430ml can £14.95

430ml can £14.95

Gibbs Brand is a revolutionary, patented product with many unique features. It works in all temperatures to clean and eliminate corrosion, to penetrate, waterproof, and to lubricate all metals and mechanical hardware. It’s even safe to use on many other materials including plastics and rubber. It leaves no sticky dirt attracting residue and can even be painted-over!

Contains no Silicones, Waxes, Acids, Corrosives, Teflon, Graphite, Abrasives, Arsenic, Kerosene, Perfumes,Carcinogens or Synthetics.

Its uses are endless and its performance is second to none. From Industry to the Home and everything else in between – YOU’VE GOT TO USE IT TO BELIEVE IT!