TV’s Car SOS feature our Model A Sedan

Yes, the new series of Car SOS starts this Thursday 14th Feb 2019.

One of the episodes in series 7 features the team rebuilding a Model A Ford.

Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townsend gave me a call, asking if I would give the car a look over, as they are not usually working on something quite as old as a Model A.

In the end, we supplied a shed load of parts for the build, which came together in an amazingly short timescale.

When the programme producer asked me if they could feature our 1930 Model A Sedan in the opening sequence, we gladly agreed.

The programme Director and film cameraman came over for the day. After a few hours spent shooting a ton of still footage, they tucked themselves neatly into the nearby hedges with their TV cameras, while I repeatedly drove up and down a local country road.

It was a great experience and I really appreciated my company being invited to help in the project.

Car SOS series 7 is first shown on the National Geographic channel, before hitting Channel 4 later in the year.

The Car SOS crew, filming our Model A Sedan.