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New Products

1928-31 RHD Brake Light Switch Spring AF-13507


This is the heavy duty spring for the right hand drive ...
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DVD - Install a new Roof on your Model A Coupe


A Video technical seminar for installing a new Model A ...
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Model A Ford Ignition Guidelines Book


The new Model A Ford Ignition primer and restoration guidelines Book ...
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1928-34 EZ Timing Pin Setting Tool A-6254-T


This tool allows you to time your engine the "EZ" Way ...
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1928-31 Ignition Timing Indicator A-6252-DD


High quality timing indicator for your model A. Fit it on ...
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1919-31 Threaded Starter Stud Kit T-5111


This is a universal threaded stud kit for your model T ...
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1928-31 Sediment Bowl Filter Kit A-9156-A


This is a new replacement product for the A-9156 which is ...
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6 Volt Fog Light A-18105


6 volt vintage style fog lamp. 5 inch Chrome rim ...
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1928-29 Nickel Radiator Shell A-8200-N


Radiator shell in Nickel for the 1928-29 Model A.
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1928-31 Running Board Anti Squeak Welt A-5135


Fed up of those running board creaking? "Place this thin ...
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1928-31 Oil Pump Drive Gear Assembly A-6542


Complete oil pump drive gear assembly for the Model A Ford ...
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1928-30 Nickel Dash Panel A-11805-N


a new Nickel finish dash panel for the Model A Ford ...
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1928-31 Spoke Straightening Tool A-1016-TXM


An economy version of the A-1016-TX slide hammer tool. ...
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Counterbalanced Crankshaft A-6303


A brand new forged counterbalanced crankshaft for the model A Ford ...
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Model A Ford parts and spares Ford Flathead V8 parts and spares Brooklin White Metal Model Cars Vintage Ford Books and DVD Stromberg Carburetor

We have moved to larger premises!

Our new larger showroom finally completed.
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Welcome to O'Neill Vintage Ford.
One of the largest specialists of Ford Model A parts and gifts in the UK.
You can purchase our full range of products online using our secure shopping site.

We are Model A Ford and Vintage Ford V8 owners ourselves and offer a full line of parts to keep your early Ford healthy. If we do not have your parts in stock, we will add them to our next shipment which are brought in from the USA on a regular basis. Our site is always being updated with additional products, so please check our site regularly.
Note: All vintage Ford parts are for USA Left Hand Drive vehicles unless stated otherwise.

Ford Model A Parts Vintage Ford Model A Books Ford History and Technical DVD's
American Ford Flathead V8 Parts Gibbs Brand Lubricant Brooklin Model Cars

Ford Model A Parts

Ford Model A Parts

We offer over 2500 parts for the 1928 - 1931 Model A Ford.
Luckily the Ford Model A is extremely popular with restorers in the United States and due to the huge amount of Model A's still in use, there are obviously many manufacturers still willing to make restoration auto parts. Most of our supplies therefore, are imported from the USA.

All items listed are for American left hand drive vehicles although most parts fit right hand drive cars with the exeption of some steering parts and ancillary items. We do however offer right hand drive steering box parts.

Check out the Ford Model A Parts Listings!

Ford V8 Parts

Ford V8 Parts

The 32 Ford (or Deuce as they are commonly known with hot rod enthusiasts) started this phenomenon when Henry Ford launched his V8 powered car in 1932.

Since then the Ford cars during this era of motoring history has a following of collectors and restorers that Henry Ford could never have dreamed of.

The English Ford V8 Pilot also has a huge following in the UK. Many of the American Early Ford V8 auto parts will fit the V8 Pilot as the engine and gearbox are the same.
Go to the Ford V8 Parts listings!

Ford Books and DVD's

Ford Books and DVD's

We offer a range of books, technical manuals and DVD's for the Model A and the Ford Flathead V8.

These books are 'must have' items for the Vintage Ford Enthusiast.

We also offer instructional DVD's for the Model A, filmed during some popular technical seminars in the United States.

Take a look at the book section!

Brooklin Models

Brooklin Models

The Brooklin collection is an evolving series of 1:43 scale models from America's automotive past - perhaps the most influential cars in the world.

These models are precision cast in heavy white metal from handcrafted patterns and painted individually in authentic colours with chromed brightwork, white wall tyres where applicable and simulated glass windows.

The Brooklin Collection represents over four decades of the American Automotive industry with new models being introduced on a regular basis.

Brooklin Models are recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of 1:43 scale, collectable, white metal model automobiles and trucks. Cast in white metal, the 'weighty', realistic feel to our models make them highly desirable and collectable.

View the range of Brooklin Models!

Gifts for your Lady

Gifts for your Lady

Right Lads, How about these for your Lady?

We spend all these hours in the garage and use our hard earned money buying parts for our Fords, so how about getting a superb gift for your loved one.

These handbags are fully eco friendly as they are made from recycled grade 1 American number plates. The handles are formulated from car tyres.

Number plate handbags, constructed by Littlearth in Pennsylvania USA.

View the Littlearth range of products!

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Best Sellers

Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook Vol 1


Now Signed by the author for us! and a 'Must ...
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Stromberg 97 Chrome Plated - 9510A-CHR


New Stromberg 97 Carburetor, beautifully Chrome Plated to take pride on ...
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Model A Ford Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


Now Signed by the author for us! The third book ...
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40 Ford Book by Joseph P. Cabadas


40 Ford. A new book by Joseph P. Cabadas. ...
find out more

Indicator Lamp Pair 6 or 12 volt - A-13310-LAMP


Set of 2 Indicator lamps with chrome metal body and short ...
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Gibbs Brand Lubricant 12oz. Can


CLEANS, PROTECTS, PENETRATES, LUBRICATES! Gibbs Brand Lubricant is a superb product ...
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Model A Ford Mechanics Handbook Vol 2


Now Signed by the author for us! Companion guide to ...
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1928-31 Distributor Points A-12199


Original style distributor points for the 1928-31 Model A. Comes ...
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1928-31 Standard Condenser A-12300-SP


1928-31 Short-proof Condenser for the standard original style model A distributor. ...
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Penrite Oil

Gibbs Lubricant

Stromberg Carburetor

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