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DVD The New 1937-39 Fords Lorin Sorensen LDVD5

The New 1937-39 Fords - Lorin Sorensen DVD

The New 1937-39 Fords - Lorin Sorensen DVD

The New 1937-39 Fords DVD by Lorin Sorensen.
A fascinating edit of The Rouge, narrated by Lowell Thomas, shows how raw materials were miraculously transformed into finished 1937-39 trucks at Ford's colossal plant in Dearborn, Michigan. Follow the progress of parts from molten steel to engine blocks, stamped wheels, frames, and other parts. See bodies built and painted, cars assembled, and then completed vehicles shipped to dealers. You'll see rare film showing Edsel Ford as he welcomes his dealers to Detroit for the presentation of the new '37 models. Later, Henry and Edsel introduce the cars and the new economy 60hp V-8 at a press preview.
The 1938 footage includes making Ford tires and plastic parts, assembly lines, comparison of Standard and Deluxe models, interior details, and a visit to the Rotunda to see the full line of models. The Fords, Mercs, and trucks are also shown running on the test track.
The beautifully preserved film continues with the 1939 Press preview of new models and includes a very rare series of color ads that include the Deluxe Coupe, Tudor, and Convertible with people driving them to show how sporty and good looking they are.Running time: 60 minutes, black & white, sound. © 1990, 05 Lorin Sorensen. All rights reserved.

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