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Model A Ford Brake Drums DVD

DVD - Replacing Model A Brake Drums & Shoes

DVD - Replacing Model A Brake Drums & Shoes

A Video technical seminar for the Model A Ford - Replacing Model A Ford Brake Drums & Shoes, Presented by Alex Janke and Tom Jeanes of the Diablo A's Model A club in California USA.
Learn how to separate the hubs from the drums and swedge new drums to your hubs.
Get answers to questions like these:
When are drums no longer safe to use?
What should I look for when shopping at swop meets for Model A drums?
Why is it important to true brake drums and hubs together?
How should I remove old brake linings from brake shoes and replace them with new linings?

Watch a preview here

This video series is not made by professionals but by Model A Ford enthiusiasts, therefore please excuse any poor sound or picture issues.

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