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Ford Flathead V8

Lincoln Brake Upgrades 1928-48

Lincoln Hot Rod Brake Upgrades

Lincoln Hot Rod Brake Upgrades

Lincoln brakes are a great upgrade from early Ford brakes. These drum brakes look good on any traditional hot rod while providing a modern full contact self energizing Bendix style brake.

The brakes are new stamped steel backing plates by Boling Brothers and come with all new hardware. They are designed to fit the Model A Ford, 1937-41 Ford original or reproductions spindles (round back) or 1946-48 Ford spindles (square back).

The 1937-41 Ford spindles require a chamfer put on top to clear the flat of the backing plate. This can easily be done with a grinder or can be milled. The brakes are available with a 1-3/4" brake shoe to fit original Ford drums or a 2" brake shoe to fit reproduction Lincoln drums or finned Buick drums.

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