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Model A Cylinder Head DVD

DVD - Replacing the Cylinder Head

DVD - Replacing the Cylinder Head

A Video technical seminar for the Model A Ford cylinder head and gasket.

Features Alex Janke & Bob Grady, MAFCA Judges.
Let them guide you through the process of removing an engine cylinder head and replacing it with a new cylinder head and head gasket.

Replacing a Model A Ford Cylinder Head and Head Gasket video Contents:
Steps you can perform either in your garage or along side the road if your head gasket fails.

Removing the hood, radiator rods, upper radiator hose and fan belt.
Protecting the radiator fins while you work.
Loosening headbolt nuts and removing the head.
Cleaning the engine block surface without scratching it.
How to be sure your new head is perfectly flat.
Moving the water pump to the new engine head.
Installing the head gasket with the proper side up.
Torqueing the head - following the proper sequence and working up in stages of torque.
Reinstalling the upper radiator hose, fan belt, radiator rods, and hood.
Retorqueing after the engine has gotten hot and then cooled down.
Retorqueing after a run along the road for a few miles.
Checking tightness of manifolds, carbeurator and exhaust pipe while you're under the hood.
Recommendations for radiator additives.

Watch a preview here

This video series is not made by professionals but by Model A Ford enthiusiasts, therefore please excuse any poor sound or picture issues. Running time 50 minutes.

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